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About Us

Welcome to TeeTurtle! Our mission is to create products that bring people together, promote self-expression, and foster genuine moments of delight. We began as a t-shirt company in 2012, when our founder, CEO, and head turtle, Ramy Badie, began selling his award-winning designs as adorable, funny, pop culture t-shirts. Today, TeeTurtle makes apparel, toys, and games, and features both in-house designs and licensed characters from Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars. We are also the original creator of the Reversible Octopus Plushies that have gone viral on TikTok! Ever heard of the game Unstable Unicorns? Well, that’s us too! It won the 2019 People’s Choice Award from the Toy of the Year Awards, and we are so proud and pleased with the joy it has brought to people.

We are a team of creators down to our core, and we let the values of curiosity, compassion, community, and integrity serve as our guiding principles. These values have helped us at every turn while collaborating with one another, pushing our creative limits, and building our brand. As an LGBTQ-owned company, we strive to be kind and inclusive to all of our customers. We also donate to companies whose causes we believe in, including the American Cancer Society, The Toy Foundation, the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and The Trevor Project.

We constantly work to curate a positive customer experience. When you need customer support from us, you will be chatting with one of our wonderful representatives, not a robot. We always want our customers to feel heard and appreciated.

What began as a one-man operation in a tiny Baltimore apartment has now grown to a company with two corporate locations and over two million products sold worldwide. We now employ upwards of 80 creators, all of whom collaborate on our completely original toys, games, and t-shirts.

So, welcome, and we hope you’ll pull up a favorite rolly chair and stay for a while! Don’t forget to hit us up on social media, and learn more about our brands below. :D


If you’ve made it this far, you know who we are! We began as a small start-up creating t-shirt designs and have grown to over 10 different product lines with worldwide distribution. Our goal is to provide cute and nerdy products to our fun-loving community. Our in-house artists create products that help our fans express themselves, resulting in favorites such as Stabby the Unicorn and Pew Pew Panda. So whether your specialty is evil bunnies or food puns, our shirts have you covered! (Get it? Covered? Cause shirts cover your body? Okay, we give up.)


Marvel and Disney and Star Wars, oh my! Our Fandoms brand began in 2016 when we signed our first deal with Marvel to create and sell officially licensed designs. We are unapologetically nerdy and create fan-based designs referential to the worlds, characters, and licenses that we contract. We release new t-shirt designs every week and are steadily working to expand our roster of licenses to include more fan-favorites. You can also find us at major fan conventions all over the globe!


“Wait, TeeTurtle invented the Original Reversible Octopus Plushie??” You better believe it! And we haven’t stopped there. Our vast plushie collection now includes Unicorns, Cats, Dogs, Ghosts, Narwhals, and more! Customers love that our patented toys allow them to show off their mood without saying a word. We always have more innovative toys in development, so be on the lookout for new plushies and more!

Unstable Games

Unstable Games was born in 2017, after a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign funded our first game, Unstable Unicorns. Since then, we can’t stop making games and we couldn’t be happier! We release multiple new titles each year, filled with tongue-in-cheek humor, chaotic characters, and puns around every corner. Our goal is to create imaginative and relatable worlds that can delight dedicated tabletop gamers and casual players alike. All of our games are created by a team of in-house game developers and artists who pride themselves on making games that walk the line between adorable and diabolical. Keep an eye out for jokes and Easter eggs as you play, and you may find some delightful details. While TeeTurtle’s games can be brutal and vicious, we actually create them to bring people together. After all, the strongest friendships begin with good old-fashioned power struggles during game night!